About the Luci Center

Luci Center

The Luci Center is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Shelbyville Kentucky providing therapeutic riding and hippotherapy for individuals with disabilities. The mission of The Luci Center is to enrich the minds, bodies and spirits of individuals through horse-related activities. Founded in 1997 by Paula Nieto an enriched therapeutic environment is offered to clients from a multi-county area in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The Luci Center offers volunteers and participants a beautiful, peaceful environment where the unique experience of interaction and learning about horses takes place.


The Luci Center Values Statement

This Values Statement serves as a framework to guide the daily actions and decisions of The Luci Center. It represents the standards that TLC will use to measure all individual and collective actions.

Commitment to the Care of the Horse

Our horses are the most important component of the work of The Luci Center. Without the horse we would be unable to deliver services to our clients. Therefore, we are committed to providing our horses with the best care possible and treating them with dignity and respect in all phases of their lives.

Commitment to Programmatic Quality

At The Luci Center it is about quality not quantity. We will grow our program only as it allows us to provide the highest level of quality possible to our clients. Each client will receive individual and customized attention so as to gain as much benefit as possible from their interaction with The Luci Center.

Commitment to Safety

The Luci Center recognizes that our clients, volunteers and employees are the cornerstone of the organization's success and that providing a clean and safe environment enhances the experience for all involved. To that end, we are committed to ensuring that all safety measures are in place and that adequate training and education are provided on an ongoing and as-needed basis.